Supplier Parts and Accessories

Articles on the many OE and OEM RV manufacturers and RV supplier companies that provide RV parts and accessories to the RV industry.

Outdoor Recreation Roundtable logo
Members of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable are making their case before the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, describing just how proposed Section 301 tariffs will hurt the outdoor recreation industry and American consumers.
Ranger Tent
Meyer recently partnered with Tuff Stuff Overland as its exclusive stocking warehouse distributor.
Hirokatsu Yamashita
Denso has named Hirokatsu Yamashita president of Denso Products and Services Americas.
The solar power industry is experiencing exponential growth at a decreased cost of ownership and Go Power! is serving as an established leader in solar power solutions for the RV market across North America.
C2 Lever Latch with Visual Access Indicator
The C2 Lever Latch with Visual Access Indicator features a small, color-coded window that can be viewed to monitor latch status.
ObeCo products
This joint venture will open dealership retail opportunities of a new line of RV net organizers and magnetic products to make RV life easier, organized, and stress free.
Fueled by a rapid expansion in travel, tourism and recreation over the past decade, as well as a strong manufacturing base, the Elkhart-Goshen metropolitan statistical area has been ranked fourth in the nation by The Walton Foundation’s recently released “Most Dynamic Metropolitans” study.
Meyer Distributing recently added OFFGRID Outdoor Gear to its offerings.
Mike Kimes
Mike Kimes, from Sturgis, Mich., joined Equalizer Systems on May 30, and comes from a 24-year career as the store manager of Boland’s Best-One Tire.
Oracle Lighting V-Series 2019
Oracle Lighting recently launched its V-Series LED bulb conversion kits. Now shipping, the V-series is a DOT-compliant LED headlight conversion.