RVeterans: Angie Campbell

Warranty Manager, Lerch RV, 27 years in the industry

Angie Campbell’s journey with Lerch RV began as parts manager and evolved into trusted leadership in warranty management.

Angie ensures customers receive exceptional support throughout their ownership experience. With her extensive knowledge of RV parts and systems, she’s the dealership’s “secret weapon” regarding warranty support for its customers and has battled with OEMs as Lerch customers’ advocate for their warranty concerns. Her colleagues consider her the “best warranty manager in the RV industry and an asset to Lerch RV.”

With over 27 years of experience in RV parts, accessories and warranty, Angie can navigate almost any customer problem and has outlasted many warranty reps at the manufacturer level. Over time, she’s become a trusted source of information. Her advocacy for Lerch’s customers is a driving factor in ensuring OEMs are doing the right thing at the warranty level.

Angie brings passion, a great sense of humor and a contagious work ethic to her fellow employees. Because of her years of experience, she understands RV systems inside and out and has passed her knowledge and understanding of complexities within the warranty process to her assistant, who she is a great mentor to.

Her passion for work also extends to her family. She is always the primary caregiver to many family members, often taking on their burdens as her own. Angie has a heart of gold that shines through in her personal and professional life, her colleagues say.

Jordan Benschop

Jordan Benschop is the managing editor of RV PRO magazine.

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