RVeterans: Cheryl Barnes

Warranty Claims Processor, Jayco, 47 years in the industry

Cheryl Barnes’ role as warranty claims processor at Jayco includes communicating with dealerships and tracking industry trends to prioritize warranty issues, in addition to processing claims.

In her 47-year tenure in the RV industry, her colleagues say she has become a wealth of knowledge and a highly valued member of Jayco’s claims team. She has gone to multiple dealerships to assist dealers in submitting their warranty claims.

Cheryl has been a firsthand witness to the growth of Jayco throughout the years. Her colleagues say her experience gives the company’s claims team perspective to the way Jayco adapts to the industry and works to become a better company, including partnering with its dealer body. She is always willing to have new claims processors, pre-authorization reps or members of the VCB team shadow her through the day, her colleagues say.

Cheryl’s kind and gentle approach in explaining claims processing makes new hires feel comfortable to ask questions. She will email members of the team when questions arise on claims in order to clarify and best serve Jayco’s dealer body. In the company’s all-staff meetings, Cheryl brings questions and concerns to the table in an effort to help make her team better.

Outside of the office, she is an avid gardener and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.

Jordan Benschop

Jordan Benschop is the managing editor of RV PRO magazine.

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