RVeterans: Curt Richardson

Director of Inspection Services, RV Industry Association, 35 years in the industry

As director of inspection services for the RV Industry Association (RVIA), Curt Richardson manages and supports a team of full-time, in-field standards inspectors, the inspection program and all standards committee activities.

He represents the industry as a principal committee member on both CMP-7 for the National Electric Code and the National Fire Protection Association 1192. Curt manages the inspection services provided to RVIA member manufacturers, which includes monitoring the team’s performance quality, reviewing inspection reports, managing administrative documents, providing continual training and technical support, and developing and administering career improvement incentives.

Curt has been a constant in the RVIA Standards Department for over 35 years, doing everything from plant inspections to directing the updating of over 500 safety-related RV standards through the many standard setting approval processes.

His peers describe him as never too busy to help a member with a question or explain a standard. They say that his dedication to constant betterment of industry standards has led to improved safety across the entire RV industry.

Over the past five years, the RVIA standards team has seen transitions as veteran team members retired. Curt has taken on the responsibility of supporting and mentoring every new team member to ensure a smooth transition and transfer of knowledge.

His efforts have not gone unnoticed, as his coworkers describe him as “excellent at his job” and “one of the kindest people” they know. They report he genuinely wants to help people and works hard to answer every inquiry he receives the same day he receives it.

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