RVeterans: Jason Fitzgerald

Co-Owner, Arrowhead Camper Sales, 52 years in the industry

Jason Fitzgerald, co-owner of Arrowhead Camper Sales in Mayfield, Kentucky, sold his first camper when he was only 12 years old. Arrowhead is a family company in every sense. Jason’s parents started the business in 1972 but had to work other jobs while getting the business off the ground. That meant Jason later had to step in and put the business first to help keep his parents’ dream alive.

Today, Jason co-owns the business with his sister, Teresa. Jason’s two children, Collin and Torie, work at Arrowhead, as do his sister’s husband and daughter. Nearly everyone at Arrowhead is related. And those who aren’t are still treated like family. Perhaps that’s why there’s so little turnover at Arrowhead. And when employees do leave, they often return to work part time.

Jason is a company owner who’s in the trenches of the day-to-day operations. He helps with inventory management, sales, service, customer relations, taxes and accounting. Most notably, Jason creates a custom walk-through video for each customer. These videos are typically one or two hours long and cover every detail of the unit, going above and beyond what one might find in a run-of-the-mill owner’s manual.

“The custom walk-through videos are where his experience is truly shown,” Collin Fitzgerald says. “Customers are absolutely amazed at the number of things he has seen or experienced over the years. They sincerely appreciate the fact that a dealership’s co-owner is willing to take the time to make a video for each and every customer!”

Jason, with his 52 years of experience in the RV industry, knows that for most business owners there are no days off. He often runs into customers after-hours and is happy to help when they have questions.

Despite the demands of being co-owner of Arrowhead, Jason still finds time to serve as a deacon at his church. He’s also served on the board for New Pathways for Children, a youth social services program in Kentucky, and he’s a major supporter of Western Kentucky Youth Camp.

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