RVeterans: Kevin Lipinski

Sales Representative, Land ‘N’ Sea Distributing Inc., 39 years in the industry

Kevin Lipinski started at Land ‘N’ Sea as a warehouse worker in 1985, when the company was still Bell Distribution. Within six months, the company offered him a position in the RV inside sales department. Today, Kevin wears many hats, but customer service and technical support are always top of mind.

Fellow employees say he’s always there to help. If a customer needs help finding a component part, Kevin takes time to help them. Kevin’s focus on building relationships with his dealer base as well as with Land ‘N’ Sea vendor partners makes him stand out as an industry veteran. Not long ago, one of his dealers had a delivery issue and wouldn’t get the part they needed in time for their customer to pick up their new unit. Kevin drove to the warehouse and delivered the part the same day so the dealer wouldn’t lose the deal.

Kevin’s commitment to customers and dealers stems from his genuine desire to build lasting relationships. He explains, “I enjoy getting to know my customers. After you’ve been working with them as long as I have, they become your family.

“It’s always fun when they call, and you can hear the appreciation in their voice when you help them solve their problems. It’s the best feeling in the world!”

Peers describe Kevin as a true team player. He contributes in any way he can, whether it’s helping with order entry, answering calls or brainstorming with others. His critical thinking skills and ability to recognize market trends at a distributor and retail level also make him a great asset.

Kevin mentors his peers and serves as a sounding board for the Land ‘N’ Sea leadership team. Company leaders rely on his insight when looking for feedback on new internal processes as well as “go-to” market strategies.

Lipinski says he remembers how other dealers helped him learn the industry and wants to pay it forward. “I had some excellent teachers (my customers), and it took years to fully grasp the parts selling side of the business,” he says. “It’s not a business market you can just come in and pick up quickly. With my customers’ help, and patience, we grew together. Now, it feels like they are all an extended part of my family.”

He adds he is optimistic about the RV industry’s future. “The demographics of RVers has really changed (and is still changing). It used to be retirees who were the main retail customer,” he says. “Now, you have families homeschooling their children and turning their RV into a home and a classroom. The longer I’m in the RV industry, the greater the target market becomes. Lots of opportunities here to grow.”

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