RVeterans: Royden Naugler

Shop Foreman, Bluenose RV Centre, 35 years in the industry

Royden Naugler, shop foreman at Bluenose RV Centre in Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, oversees technicians and job assignments, teaches technicians about any subject that requires his expertise and conducts on-site repairs.

Royden goes above and beyond to help out his coworkers and clients, ensuring only the highest quality products and repairs leave the dealership. He is described by his colleagues as extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and they say Royden makes Bluenose RV a great place to work.

With Royden’s 35 years of experience in the RV industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the business. “If he can’t fix it, nobody can!” says his nominator, Jake Wile. “Royden also has an option for just about any situation if other parts are not available. He always makes it work!”

In his role as shop foreman, Royden also acts as a mentor. Whether he’s teaching a new technician or advising someone more experienced, whatever the problem or situation, he always stays calm and offers a solution.

On the job, his coworkers say that Royden shows up every day with a smile — even though he is currently battling kidney disease and awaiting a kidney transplant. He remains positive and pushes on every day. “[He] is extremely tough,” Jake says, “and an inspiration to everyone to keep going!”

Michele Moore

Michele Moore is the managing editor of RV PRO magazine.

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