Go RVing Targets Younger, Tech-Savvy Audience

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Go RVing has launched a new video microsite that targets the growing number of people, especially those in younger demographics, using smartphones and tablets almost exclusively to gather information about travel and camping options.

Video heavy sites that target younger demographics have been proven to reach new audiences, especially in a mobile-driven world. Since 2012, viewing videos on mobile devices increased 400 percent with 2015 expected to increase another 50 percent.

Designed to complement Go RVing.comthe new site relies heavily on testimonial-themed videos that share personal stories of adventure and discovery made possible by having an RV. It features four videos created by Go RVing’s top bloggers, The Newschool Nomads, and contains links to drive viewers to GoRVing.com for more information

Go RVing is also putting the finishing touches on several new videos that will be posted to the microsite. To produce these videos, a group of videographers and photographers followed friends and families on RV trips throughout California in January in units provided by RVIA-member manufacturers.  The crew captured the events to create a series of high-quality video adventures for each group that will be introduced throughout the spring on the website.

In addition to the video component, each family “story” also includes a deeper introduction to the RV adventure through photo galleries and other interactive elements like route maps, recipes for food shown in the video, and personal tips from the narrator.

These videos are also being used to create Go RVing’s native video ads that will appear on popular consumer websites to digitally drive consumers to the microsite.

A long-term goal for the microsite is to have it populated by high-quality, emotion-evoking testimonial videos created by RV enthusiasts in a crowd-sourcing venture.

“We’re very excited about the microsite and the opportunity it provides to promote RV travel and camping through these emotionally-charged testimonial videos in a digital environment,” said James Ashurst, RVIA’s vice president of communications and advertising. “Today’s consumer is mobile and our messaging not only has to move with the consumer but it also has to move the consumer.  The new videos and the information featured on the microsite do just that.”


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