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Star brite Introduces New Line of Ceramic Cleaners & Protectants

The Star brite Ceramics line produces professional results without the price, redefining what DIY RV care means.

In the world of RV maintenance, Star brite is revolutionizing the game with its new line of ceramic-based cleaners, protectants and waxes. Designed to cater to every surface of an RV, these products offer unbeatable protection without the high costs and complex application processes often associated with ceramic coatings.

This breakthrough collection incorporates cutting-edge SiO2 technology, driving change in how RV owners and professionals clean and protect their vehicles. The inaugural line includes five innovative products: a wash and wax, a sealant wax, a speed detailer, a vinyl protectant and a metal protectant.

star brite product for ceramics

Ceramic technologies, powered by SiO2 (silicon dioxide), are proven to outperform traditional alternatives. They offer superior durability, long-lasting protection and hydrophobicity, repelling water and contaminants. These properties make them ideal for RV applications, providing excellent resistance against UV rays, water spots, oxidation and harsh environmental factors.

Star brite’s ceramic formulations are engineered to be user-friendly, ensuring a flawless finish even if the application isn’t perfect. The incorporation of “Sacrificial Polymer” technology in products like Ceramic Wash & Wax offers immediate hydrophobic effects while the underlying ceramic coatings fully cure, eliminating the frustrations often associated with traditional ceramic products.

Greg Dornau, president of Star brite, emphasizes the company’s commitment to innovation: By integrating next-generation SiO2 technology into our product lineup, we arm our network of dealers and customers with unrivaled tools for care and maintenance, setting a new standard in the industry.

The Star brite ceramic line-up offers unmatched protection for every RV surface:

  • Ceramic Wash & Wax: Combines deep-cleaning surfactants with SiO2 technology to remove dirt, road grime and bugs, while adding a long-lasting polymer coating that guards against future staining.
  • Ceramic Wax & Seal: Creates a durable barrier against staining and UV damage, leaving surfaces with an extreme glossy finish and protection that can last up to three times as long as other waxes.
  • Ceramic Speed Detailer: Quickly wipe down wet surfaces, add shine and remove light spotting, all while delivering maximum protection against UV-damage, spotting and staining on many surfaces throughout an RV.
  • Ceramic Vinyl Protect: Prevents fading and staining while restoring suppleness to vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather.
  • Ceramic Metal Protect: Blocks damaging UV rays, salt, corrosion and dirt, perfect for metal components.

For dealerships and retailers, these innovative ceramic products present an opportunity to diversify offerings and enhance customer satisfaction. As Star brite continues to develop more ceramic solutions, RV enthusiasts can look forward to a new era of durable, high-performance maintenance products that simplify vehicle care and protection.

Find out more about the Star brite Ceramics line on this dealer-focused landing page.

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