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Blog: Dealers, the Right Paperwork is Critical

Tom KlineTom Kline

Tom Kline of Better Vantage Point said that when it comes to dealerships purchasing vehicles from a customer, there are very specific steps that need to be followed to make sure dealers protect themselves legally and so that both sides understand the timing of each step of the deal process.Doing so will ensure no disputes, which is what risk mitigation is all about.

Tom Kline

Tom Kline, a former dealership owner with 30 years of experience, specializes in solving dealership problems through risk mitigation remedies, compliance and dealership dispute desolution. Tom is lead consultant and founder of Better Vantage Point and has worked with publicly-held and private dealerships. Kline is an Endorsed Expert for the RVDA, VIADA, CIADA, and Dealership Marketing Magazine.

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