BOLT Locks Releases Fifth Wheel King Pin Locking System

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BOLT Locks, Milwaukee, is unveiling a new Fifth Wheel King Pin Locking System, once again expanding its line of heavy-duty, weather resistant “Breakthrough One Key Lock Technology” offerings. 

The BOLT Fifth Wheel King Pin Locking System works in conjunction with BOLT’s 5/8-inch Receiver Lock, which is sold separately, to prevent fifth wheel trailer theft.

BOLT’s King Pin Locking System features a U-shaped black powder coated hardened steel collar that wraps around the Fifth Wheel King Pin and attaches to a BOLT 5/8-inch Receiver Lock to securely hold  the fifth wheel in place in the bed of the pickup. Together, the system acts as a visible theft deterrent, allowing the trailer to be secured with the owner’s truck key. 

The new BOLT King Pin Locking System is ideal for protecting camping trailers, construction trailers and horse trailers.

BOLT’s 5/8-inch Receiver Lock is a stainless steel pin featuring a double ball bearing locking mechanism with a weather-resistant lock shutter to keep out dirt and moisture. Once the vehicle ignition key is inserted into the lock cylinder, spring-loaded plate tumblers move up and down until they are matched exactly to that key. The first time the key is rotated, the cylinder is coded to that key.

Using just your ignition key – no matter how many BOLT locks are in play – helps reduce key ring clutter, thus reducing confusion on the road, and streamlining your towing experience.

“The Fifth Wheel King Pin Locking System was developed to expand the uses for our very popular  5/8-inch Receiver Lock,” said Erika Garcia, BOLT’s national sales manager. “Adding our new King Pin Locking System to our 5/8-inch Receiver Lock enables users to secure anything that is being towed with a Fifth Wheel type receiver, ramping up security for either work-related or recreational towing applications.”

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