Dometic Refrigerator Available to Aftermarket

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Dometic recently designed a 12-volt refrigerator, the DMC4101, and has announced that it is now available to the aftermarket.

Unlike other 12-volt fridges, which use off-the-shelf compressors, the DMC4101 is powered by a Dometic-designed compressor that is made for mobile living conditions.

The design of the stainless-steel, recessed side-pocket latching handle and curved edges gives RV kitchens a residential, at-home feeling, according to the company.

This 10-cubic-foot refrigerator is an exact fit replacement for an 8-cubic-foot Americana absorption refrigerator. Customers looking to switch to a compressor fridge will gain two additional cubic feet of food and beverage storage. The DMC4101 includes dual crisper drawers and glass shelves.

The variable speed compressor in the DMC4101 reduces noise coming from the refrigerator and increases energy efficiency, according to the company. The digital controls provide flexibility with power consumption and cooling performance.

Dometic showed a preview of this refrigerator at Elkhart Open House in 2019 and OEMs began installing these in units in early 2020.

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