Forest River Rpod (top) and Winnebago Winnie Drop.

Forest River/Winnebago Lawsuit Dropped

Forest River has voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit against Winnebago it had filed in December after alleging the company infringed upon trademarks and designs.

The suit, which originally demanded a jury trial, centers around Forest River’s Rpod and Winnebago’s Winnie Drop travel trailers.

Last winter, dispute arose regarding Forest River’s Rpod trailer and Winnebago’s “confusingly similar” Drop. Two months after the Drop’s release in September 2015, Forest River received complaints from customers who were mistaking the Drop for the Rpod.

Name similarities aside, the suit also alleged a false designation of origin and misleading representation on Winnebago’s part, according to the court order. Winnebago then countered that the examples of infringement cited by Forest River were too vague in the manufacturer’s terms of Rpod’s shape, color, layout, patterns, and, generically stated, “visual image.”

Overall, more specific details needed to be provided for the lawsuit to constitute trade dress infringement. For this reason, Winnebago asked to dismiss Forest River’s claims, which the company and judge then agreed to on Feb. 14.

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