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inTech’s Terra Rebranded as Aucta Following Litigation

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In a statement released Wednesday, inTech announced that the Terra travel trailer will now be called Aucta following litigation proceedings with Forest River. The statement released is as follows:

“As many of you know, inTech has been marketing the Terra travel trailer since 2017, as part of the Luna-Sol-Terra family of products. What you may not know is that in 2018, Forest River began selling its Della Terra travel trailers, and Forest River later accused inTech of infringing its trademark rights used on their Della Terra products. Until this time, inTech believed it had the rights to continue to sell its Terra product. However, the litigation concluded this week, and the jury did not agree with inTech. Based on this decision, inTech is respectfully and voluntarily completely discontinuing the use of the Terra brand name and its mountain graphic, effective immediately. All RV dealers with Terra product on their lots are requested to immediately remove the Terra and mountain graphic decals. Additionally, all retail owners of Terra products are requested and encouraged to schedule a visit to their dealer for a free upgrade to remove the Terra and mountain decals and replace them with the new decals. A service bulletin with full instructions will be released this week to help ensure this update takes place as smoothly and efficiently as possible for our valued customers. More information will be coming soon, but please welcome the Aucta brand to the inTech family of products! Thank you for your assistance in helping us get through this disappointing event.”

For more information, visit inTech’s website.

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