Go RVing Canada: RV Vacations 78% Cheaper Than Alternatives

Go RVing Canada has revealed the results of a new family vacation cost comparison study, which compares RV vacations with several other vacation modes. This is the second installment of the study conducted by PKF Consulting and the results reveal that an RV vacations in Canada can be up to 78 percent cheaper than other forms of travel, a 3 percent increase compared to a study conducted in 2009.

Several forms of travel were compared, and in all cases, RV vacations were more economical than any other type of travel, regardless of trip duration, distance, or region of the country where the vacation took place.

The study compared an RV vacation with two other popular forms of family vacation: driving the family vehicle and staying at hotels, and traveling by air and rental car with hotel accommodations. All costs associated with a family vacation were analyzed including fuel costs, air fare, restaurant meal cost, grocery cost, rental car cost, campsite cost and hotel/motel cost. Vehicle ownership costs were also factored into the study, according to Go RVing Canada.

“The margin of savings is amazing. No one can deny that a family vacation in an RV really is incredibly affordable,” said Alana Fontaine, Go RVing Canada national spokesperson. “RVing is an excellent choice for families seeking to maximize their vacation budgets.” 

The cost benefits of RVing come from the flexibility of cooking in an RV and the affordability of campgrounds that offer both electrical and water hookups. According to the PKF Study, the average cost of campgrounds was $368 for a 10-day trip from Halifax to Quebec City. The same trip averaged $1,754 in hotel costs with a car/hotel vacation.

As another example, the average cost of a seven-day RV vacation from Vancouver to Banff National Park in Banff, Canada, using a lightweight travel trailer was 41 percent cheaper compared to the same vacation with a rental car and hotel, and about 54 percent cheaper than a traveling by plane and using a hotel.

The average cost per day of a three-day camping vacation to Algonquin Provincial Park from Montreal using a folding camping trailer was found to be 43 percent less expensive than the cost of a comparable car/hotel combination vacation, and about 78 percent less than the cost of a comparable air/hotel vacation, according to the study.

“This is the time when families are starting to think about their summer vacations. Ninety percent of RV owners agree that RVing is the best way to travel with children,” Fontaine said. 

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