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Go RVing Finds Potential in Under-Reached Multicultural Markets

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Market research by Go RVing showed multicultural audiences were not as experienced in RVing as in other forms of travel. Black and Hispanic travelers have more experience staying at hotels or other vacation rental and traveling by car, plane, train or cruise ship, which is consistent with past market research, Go RVing said.

Several of Go RVing’s 2023 media partnerships offered brand lift studies to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns with these targeted growth audiences.

Only 11% of Black respondents and 15% of Hispanic respondents in the 18 to 54 age demographic had experienced RVing, Go RVing said. This indicates both a long road for building familiarity with RVing, but also an opportunity with these audiences, the organization said.

In brand lift studies with the LGBTQ+ audience, RVing content raised the most awareness compared to categories such as auto, pharma and hotels. Go RVing was also the only brand to significantly increase purchase intent among those LGBTQ+ consumers who viewed its content, the organization said.

The data reinforces the opportunity to cultivate new RV buyers in under-reached demographic groups, Go RVing concluded.

“The Go RVing team will continue to make heavy investments in emerging audiences to drive awareness and consideration of RVing,” according to an RVIA newsletter.

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