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Go RVing Report Finds Female RVers on the Rise

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The September 2023 Trends report from Go RVing takes note of the increase in female RV ownership and the continued appeal in the outdoors for this category of consumer. The report examines how the RV industry can address this growing market and better connect, its authors say.

The report found:

  • 13% increase in female RV ownership from 2021 to 2023
  • 16% increase in women traveling in RVs from 2021 to 2023
  • 61% of Millennial women agree they seek adventure and thrills on their vacations

The pandemic obviously got a lot of people thinking about RVing who had never considered it before – either as a participant camping out in nature, or as someone who became aware of the shortage of technicians and saw it as a viable career path.

“This presents an opportunity for the RV industry to enhance female representation both among its workforce and enthusiasts,” the report’s authors write. To seize this momentum, they recommend the RV industry:

  • Create and share digital content that highlights female RVers and their stories, showcasing how RVing empowers women and enable their goals from remote work to fostering meaningful family connections through travel.
  • Expand workforce inclusivity by recruiting and training more females.

Personalized experiences are expected by more and more consumers. This means tailoring the end-to-end customer experience to cater to individual needs throughout the entire RV purchase journey, covering digital platforms, pre-shopping, dealership visits and in-store experiences.

The full September trends report is here.



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