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Go RVing Touts Experiential Event Partnership Opportunities

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Later this month, Go RVing will kick off the first experiential event of the year at the Guardians of Freedom Air Show in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Experiential events are a core part of Go RVing’s strategy to expose diverse audiences to RVing and an active outdoor lifestyle.

By taking place in unexpected settings such as concerts and festivals, experientials provide consumers real-world opportunities to directly engage with RVs. This leads consumers to share their experience with friends while also becoming more likely to make a purchase themselves, the organization said.

Critical to the success of the experiential events are the RV dealers and manufacturers who partner with Go RVing to showcase an RV for event attendees. For the upcoming Guardians of Freedom Air Show, a local Lazydays RV dealership is providing the RV that will be available for consumers to tour.

Partnering with Go RVing for an experiential event means that the participating RV dealership or manufacturer receives free exposure and has access to the leads that are collected at these events. Additionally, partnering representatives can attend the events to speak with directly with consumers.

Go RVing is still looking for partners for some of the 12 experiential events taking place this year. If interested in providing two units for one of the events, please reach out to Go RVing’s Senior Manager of Programs & Experiential Events Dana DelVecchio at ddelvecchio@rvia.org.

View the full 2024 experiential event schedule.

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