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Go RVing’s October Report Highlights Buying Power of LGBTQ+ Americans

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The October 2023 Go RVing report takes a look at the increasing LGBTQ+ presence in the outdoors. According to the report, there was a 55% increase in TikTok posts about LGBTQ+ travel over the past year. Also, the estimated spending power of LGBTQ+ consumers in the U.S. is $1.1 trillion.

As more LGBTQ+ people seek community in the outdoors, it’s important to proactively remove barriers to the world of RVing, Go RVing states. This includes demonstrating genuine empathy for this underrepresented demographic and continuing efforts to make RVing safe and inclusive at all levels.

The October Report also showed that 70% of non-LGBTQ+ Americans believe companies should support the community through hiring and advertising.

Go RVing’s partnership with companies such as Q.Digital promotes equal access to RV experiences through diverse representation across communication channels and partnerships with media networks that cater to LBGTQ+ audiences. This continues to be especially important as the industry continues to grow, becoming more diverse than ever before, Go RVing said.

The October trends report also noted that brands big and small are shifting to community-centric product development – co-creating with the public so everyone gets what they want. Examples include:

  • Skincare brand Bubble’s successful launch after collaborating with 6,000+ consumers to develop and refine their products.
  • Gaming title The Sims’ new in-game content voted on by players.
  • Coca-Cola’s “Create Real Magic” campaign that called on digital creators to craft branded visuals using AI.

For more from Go RVing’s October, click here.

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