House Committee Approves Chauffeur License Exemption

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An Indiana bill that would exempt RV transport drivers from having to acquire a “chauffeur license,” received support Wednesday after the Indiana House Transportation Committee amended the bill, and recommended it for adoption.

The chauffeur license requires commercial drivers with loads between 10,000 and 26,000 pounds to add an additional qualification to their driver certification before employment.

“It’s not an enormous hurdle, but it is another step to obtaining a license or, obtaining a job, and another hurdle that an Indiana resident has to clear to get a job,” said Mark Bowersox, executive director of the RV Indiana Council and Indiana Manufactured Housing Association.

Bowersox, a certified Indiana lobbyist, and recent recipient of the RV Industry Association’s National Legislature Award, has overseen the passage of the bill through the Indiana Legislature. 

With the approval, Bowersox and the bill’s authors, state Sens. Carlin Yoder and Susan Glick, hope House Bill 197 can be enacted in time to impact the upcoming season.

The bill was introduced earlier this year and has passed the state Senate.

“We’re optimistic that will go through the full House and be consented on – we made a quick change on the implementation date – so we’re optimistic we can get that signed by the governor sooner rather than later in time to have some impact on this year’s transportation season,” Bowersox said.


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