KOA and Apollo Motorhome Holidays USA Partner

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Orlando Southwest KOA Holiday has partnered with Apollo Motorhome Holidays, based out of Brisbane, Australia, to become an RV rental depot for the Florida travel market.

Integrating the Apollo rental services with KOA camping, offers Florida guests an added benefit of pick-up and delivery. Campers can pick up and drop off the rig at their first stop or last stop along the way. Guest can choose from a variety of rigs that suite their needs ranging from a camper van called the “Apollo Tourer” to a 33-foot motorhome called the “Apollo Wanderer.”

“RVs and KOA are made for each other,” said Terry Shade, VP of Company Owned Properties at KOA. “It made perfect sense for us to partner with a reputable RV rental company like Apollo, because it makes renting an RV and camping easier for our guest.”

Guests can reserve an Apollo RV at the Orlando location at or by calling Orlando Southwest at 863-424-188.

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