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Letter from the Publisher of RV PRO

Here at RV PRO we are now fully functional as a 100 percent remote workplace. Though, as a member of the media, we are considered “essential” in the state of Colorado where we are headquartered, two weeks ago we made the decision for all employees to work from the safety of their homes during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Our mission of “connecting those who know with those who want to know” has never been so important.

We’re humbled and inspired by your stories as you react, pivot and adapt to new immediate needs and realities. For many of you, your business was stopped in its tracks, so you’ve turned it into an opportunity to give to your community, the nation or even the world. Your charity and leadership won’t go unnoticed; the impact will be felt.

Keep those stories coming. Tell us what and how you are doing.

Our pledge to you: RV PRO will continue to provide essential, reliable, helpful information for you and your business as we navigate through this global health crisis together. We’ll be there for you every day with timely supplier updates, relevant business resources and tips to keep you going. In this time of isolation, we will act as a connecting point between manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and you, the dealers and businesses that rely on them, just as they rely on you.

For now, that might mean sharing information just to help you remain in business; soon it will include sharing ideas to help you claw your way back and start producing again, however that may look.

As of now, the nationwide guidance is to stay at home through April 30. Let’s all start making plans for those first steps, tentative as they may have to be, back into the daylight. We’ll move forward together into new challenges but also new opportunities, when we re-emerge on May 1.


Chris Cieto

Publisher, RV PRO Magazine

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