Long-Running Casper, Wyo., Dealership to Close

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Stalkup’s RV Superstore is in the process of winding down operations, according to co-owner Ray Stalkup. The closing ends a long history of the Stalkup family presence in Casper, Wyo.’s auto and RV scene.

This story originally appeared in Oil City News.

Ray Stalkup’s father, Max Stalkup, started selling cars in the early 1950s, according to Ray Stalkup. Over time, he seemed to sell just about anything that could move on roads, snow and water. He became Casper’s first Honda dealership in the early 1970s, was the first dealer to sell Winnebago RVs and motorhomes west of the Rockies starting in 1964, and picked up Casper’s first Nissan franchise. Marine and snowmobile dealerships were also in the mix.

Ray Stalkup and his brother Rod Stalkup started helping their father with the family business early on. Eventually, the brothers became equal partners with their dad. Over time Ray and his wife Amie took over the RV business as other divisions were sold off. The superstore and its sprawling stock of RVs was a fixture in the Old Yellowstone District for years.

Ray Stalkup said while he enjoyed watching customers get excited about their RV purchases, he and his wife rarely had the time off to hit the road themselves. Now that will change as they retire to Arizona, where they own a second home.

Another factor in Ray Stalkup’s decision is a rare hereditary disease he and his late brother have dealt with. Rod Stalkup died from complications in February. Ray Stalkup will receive specialized treatment in Arizona, which he can’t get in Casper.


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