NTP-STAG Adds Trailersphere Tongue Jack Covers

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NTP-STAG has added Trailersphere Corp., the maker of Clever Cover custom tongue jack covers, to its jacks and levelers category. The company manufacturers protection for tongue jacks, safety chains, and power plugs.

“We are thrilled to partner with TrailerSphere and offer their unique products to our dealers,” said Mark Willes, category manager. “Their innovative design provides protection from the elements while allowing the trailer jack to be operated with the cover in place.”

The Clever Cover fits snugly over an RV’s tongue jack, providing separate compartments for safety chains and the seven-way electrical plug. Trailersphere currently offers nearly a dozen different custom-made models, designed to each manufacturer’s specifications for a perfect fit.

The lockable cover is constructed of waterproof and UV-protected vinyl, featuring a soft insulated lining for scratch protection, air vents to prevent moisture buildup, a clear plastic window for convenient control access, and glow-in-the-dark reflector strips for easier nighttime visibility. Built-in hooks keep safety chains off the ground, and a waterproof side pouch keeps the electrical plug protected.

“At Trailersphere, everything that we do revolves around our customers, from fabric selection to the type of stitching we use on each custom tongue jack cover,” stated the Washington-based company. “We are committed not only to develop the highest possible product quality but to develop the ultimate customer experience.”


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