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Early in January, Thetford Corp. launched Titan, a new sewer hose system.

Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Thetford has produced a video that will make it easy for dealers to educate their customers about the product’s features.

“Seeing is believing,’” said Thetford’s Senior Product Manager Derry Yourman, “and this informative video quickly and easily illustrates Titan’s great features.”

The video, available to any device connected to the Internet, is located here.  It shows Titan in action:

•           Real-world proof of Titan’s claim to be “virtually uncrushable” as an RV drives over the hose, which is also shown being dragged along the ground.

•           The science behind how Titan’s proprietary TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) material around a polymer helix avoids pinhole leaks that are endemic to the competition’s inferior metal helix.

•           Titan’s proprietary ExtendGrip fitting in use and how truly ergonomic it is.

•           A demonstration of the 5-1 threading on the Revolve Universal Sewer Adapter and the engineering that allows it to connect to any sewer port.

•           How the Revolve Elbow makes it easy to get a straight connection to the RV.

•           The handle, translucent Elbow and drip-proof End Caps that help RVers have the peace of mind that Titan is allowing them to avoid the messes that can potentially be part of using a traditional sewer hose.

•           The adaptability of Titan, which can easily be lengthened with the optional Titan 10-foot Extension Hose.

•           Titan’s proud identity as a product manufactured in the U.S.A.

“Titan represents the powerful combination of premium features and an attractive price,” Yourman said. “Along with distinctive, shelf-friendly green packaging and our pre-packed product display, the video reflects our goal to do everything possible to make Titan a part of a profitable 2016 for all dealers.”

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