Tents for Troops, RV Family Travel Atlas
RV Family Travel Atlas kicked off an online fundraiser to help Tents for Troops purchase the first RV in its RV Loaner Program, which aims to place RVs at campgrounds as a courtesy for active military members and their families.

Plan to Give Military Families Taste of RVing Collects $4,300 in Pledges

The online blog and podcast RV Family Travel Atlas offered its support recently to the nonprofit group Tents for Troops by starting an ongoing crowdsourcing campaign for the nonprofit group’s initiative to spread RVing to active U.S. military members.

Support for the organization, which works with campgrounds across the country to provide free camping to active duty military members and their families, has poured in since the online donations campaign debuted on the RVFTA podcast in late September, raising $4,305 towards a $10,000 goal, at the time of publication. 

“Everybody seems excited about it, and I know I’m excited,” Tents for Troops Founder Charlie Curry said. “I couldn’t believe it. After reading all the comments people made with their GoFundMe donations, I put it together: Those people are all experienced RVers, in the RV lifestyle, and that’s pretty neat to have their support.”

Click here to donate or read comments from contributors. 

The donations made will benefit the Tents for Troops RV Loaner Program, an initiative that seeks to place an RV on campsites throughout Tents for Troops’ U.S. network of parks. Specifically, Curry said he'd apply it towards the purchase an RV, which Tents for Troops will place at an RV park for dedicated use by active duty military and their families.

Currently, Tents for Troops partners with hundreds of U.S. campgrounds and RV parks that provide courtesy tent camping for millitary members. At full scale, the group's RV Loaner Program would put a Tents for Troops RV at parks and campgrounds across the country. 

“There are some nice campgrounds out there that want to do this, so these military families will be able to have a really nice weekend in an RV, do some hiking, some fishing and getting outdoors,” RVFTA Podcast Co-Host Jeremy Puglisi said.

For Curry, who also owns Toutle River RV Resort in Castle Rock, Wash., the RV Loaner Program has the potential to offer a service to U.S. military members, while giving them a taste of the RV lifestyle.

“Tents for Troops wants all active duty military and their families to be able to see first hand what an RV vacation is all about regardless of their ability to purchase or rent an RV,” he said.

To assist in promoting the Loaner Program, former U.S. Navy SEAL Trevor Wilson will join Tents for Troops at this year’s RV Dealers Association Convention in Las Vegas (Booth 100), and National RV Show in Louisville (Booth 828).

After spending the previous 10 years serving as a SEAL, Wilson and his girlfriend became full-time RVers in 2016. 

Though Curry aims to recruit RV dealers and OEMs to pledge a dollar toward each RV they build or sell in order to further fund the program, he’s also open to creative suggestions.

“I think it’d be great if an OEM would be interested in matching the funds we raise (with the GoFundMe fundraiser) because then we could possibly end up with two trailers,” Curry said.

To view or donate to the ongoing funding campaign, visit the GoFundMe website, here.

For more information about the Tents for Troops or to discuss its RV Loaner Program, stop by Booth No. 100 at the RVDA Convention, Booth No. 828 at the RVIA National RV Show, or contact Curry by phone at 503-425-9105 or

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