RV Industry Playing Catch-Up in Debt Elimination Challenge

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Following the successful launch of the $1 Million Kevin Clayton Debt Elimination campaign last September, the campaign has generated more than $500,000 in pledges and donations so far from members of manufactured housing community, but the RV industry contribution has lagged behind so far.

The manufactured homes industry, on the heels of Clayton’s $200,000 start, has contributed $522,573, compared to the RV industry contribution of $45,500

Clayton has issued a challenge to the RV industry to match the MH industry’s $1 million commitment, so the race is on to see which industry can reach that $1 million goal first.

The Kevin Clayton Debt Elimination Challenge campaign was launched in October 2014 when Kevin Clayton, CEO of Clayton Homes Inc., pledged $200,000 to help the RV/MH Hall of Fame become debt free in five years.

The prize for either industry reaching the $1 million goal first is a modified Ice Bucket Challenge. Representatives from the winning industry will have the privilege of dumping buckets of ice on Foundation President Darryl Searer.

“Just the thought of it runs shivers up my spine, but it’s for a good cause and will be worth it to finally see the Foundation debt free,” Searer said.

Searer joined the staff of the Foundation three years ago as the volunteer president. At that time, the Foundation’s debt was $5.5 million. Through Searer’s leadership and the support of the Foundation’s board of directors, the Foundation’s debt today is about $2 million.

Thanks to the generous donations of Peter & Beverly Orthwein ($25,000), Family Motor Coach Association ($10,000), and Jayco ($10,000), and a few smaller donations ($500), the RV Industry Debt Elimination has moved the Foundation a few steps closer the finish line.

“Like the Kevin Clayton Debt Elimination Challenge,” Searer said, “the RV Industry Debt Elimination is soliciting pledges and donations over the next five years. These two campaigns will make the Foundation debt free by 2019, a day we are looking forward to celebrating.”

In the meantime, Judy Jankowski, the Hall’s vice president of development, is contacting leaders in both the RV and MH industries asking for their support of these campaigns.

Pledge/donation forms are available for download the Foundation’s web site,

Pledges and donations also can be submitted by mail to:

Debt Elimination Challenge
RV/MH Hall of Fame
21565 Executive Parkway
Elkhart, IN 46514


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