RVDA of Canada Launches Tech Week

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The RV Dealers Association of Canada has launched ‘RV Tech Week’ to recognize the vital role RV service technicians play in maintaining Canada’s RV industry. RV Tech Week will take place from June 1-8.

RV Tech Week is an initiative to raise awareness and express appreciation and recognition for Canadian RV service technicians.

“Service Technicians form the backbone of the RV industry in Canada,” said Eleonore Hamm, president of the RV Dealers Association of Canada. “We are thrilled to present RV Tech Week to celebrate the contributions this trade makes to the $6.1 billion-dollar Canadian RV industry.”

The manufacturing, purchasing, servicing, and use of RVs contribute billions to the Canadian economy each year. In 2017, the RV industry supported 66,000 jobs and there was $6.1 billion in total spending.

Leading up to RV Tech Week, the RVDA took part in the Skills Canada National Competition earlier this week in Halifax, where they participated as a Try-A-Trade exhibitor to exemplify the versatility of the RV service technician trade. RV Careers were featured in a segment on May 28 on the Essential Skills stage during the official launch of the 2019 National Competition.

A RV Service Technician is a recognized Red Seal trade across all provinces. The Red Seal program sets the national standard of excellence for skilled trades in the country. Through the apprenticeship program, technicians learn over 14 skilled trades under the RV service technician trade program.

“In addition to recognizing the achievements of our RV service techs across Canada, we continue to advocate for increased support for skilled workers in the RV Industry,” said Herb Cowen, chairman of RVDA. “There are currently only two programs in Canada that offer RV service technician apprenticeship training. The programs reach full enrolment each year and often hold waiting lists. We continue to advocate for increased funding to focus on skills and training and applaud the government for their focus on this in budget 2019.”

RV careers will be at the forefront of the RV industry’s efforts over the next week, raising the profile of the trade. RVDA social channels will feature stories daily over the course of the week covering topics, like the RV tech that saved the day, best RV makeover, best RV moment with your customer, best RV moment with your work family, and more.

Dealers and technicians will be asked to tag “@RVCareers” and use hashtag “#RVTechWeek.”


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