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RVs Needed for Go RVing Experiential Events

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Go RVing will host 12 experiential events this year as part of the organization’s strategy to expose diverse audiences to RVing and an active outdoor lifestyle.

These events provide consumers with real-world opportunities to engage with RVs, leading them to share their experience with friends and become more likely to make a purchase, according to information in the RV Industry Association newsletter.

Go RVing will participate in events ranging from festivals to states fairs and more this year.

If your organization is interested in providing an RV for any of these events, reach out to Dana DelVecchio (ddelvecchio@rvia.org).

The following 12 events are on Go RVing’s schedule in 2024:

  • Guardians of Freedom (Wichita Falls, Texas): April 27-28
  • Lovin’ Life Music Festival (Charlotte, North Carolina): May 3-5
  • Cinco De Mayo Omaha (Omaha, Nebraska): May 10-12
  • Fiesta Hermosa – SS (Los Angeles, California): May 25-27
  • Carolina Country (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina): June 6-9
  • National Cherry Festival (Traverse City, Michigan): June 29-July 2
  • American Century Championship (Lake Tahoe, Nevada): July 11-14
  • Yarmouth Clam Festival (Yarmouth, Maine): July 19-21
  • Minnesota State Fair (1st weekend) (Saint Paul, Minnesota): Aug. 22-25
  • Santa Cali-Gon Days (Independence, Missouri): Aug. 30-Sept. 2
  • Salmon Days (Issaquah, Washington): Oct. 5-6
  • Go Outside Festival (Roanoke, Virginia): Oct. 18-20

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