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‘Sgt. Pushup’ Fundraises at SuperShow

Sgt Pushup'Sgt. Pushup'

Decorated U.S. Army veteran Patrick Parker, also known as “Sgt. Pushup,” returns to the Tampa Bay, Florida, region this week to continue his mission to combat child hunger and bullying.

The Iraqi War veteran travels across the United States raising money to feed hungry children and stop bullying by doing thousands of push-ups for donations. Parker is partnering with General RV to continue his campaign at the 2023 Florida RV SuperShow.

Parker started his journey after learning about the millions of kids that are hungry or attempt suicide due to bullying. Inspired to make a difference, he raised his first donation by selling his car. Now more than five years later, Parker travels across the country and has even written two children’s books to continue to spread his message. His efforts have led to hundreds of thousands of meals for kids across the country. Currently, Parker is nearing a major milestone in his campaign – providing one million meals for hungry children.

“I wanted to do something to make a difference in the country even though I’ve served my country in Iraq,” said Sgt. Pushup. “I wanted to continue to serve, and why not serve our children?”

Sgt. Pushup can be found this week in the General RV section at the Florida State Fairgrounds.

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