PQN Audio


If you’re looking for affordable quality audio speakers, look no further.

PQN Enterprises, Inc. specializes in innovative water-proof speakers & audio products for the OEM RV industry. Our products can be found in campers, trailers and teardrops.

PQN is a product development and support-oriented company with a focus on meeting the design needs and preferences of customers and OEMs with the utmost precision.

Water-proof audio speakers from PQN are available in numerous sizes & styles, and fit virtually any application, granting years of affordable, quality performance. “Our products are found worldwide,” says Steve Samuels, president of PQN. All PQN products are built to offer years of performances with IP65 & REACH certification. 

With a passion for audio, PQN is dedicated to bringing an innovative and superb sound quality to the RVing experience. Special Performance Audio (SPA) products are made to provide years of enhanced sound performance. 

Key RV related products include:

• ECO 50/60 Ultra Slim Speakers
• RV 510/610 Lightweight Speakers
• SPA35 3.5-inch Dual Cone Speakers
• SPA22 Compact 2-inch, Two-Way Speakers

ll products are available to dealers through aftermarket distribution or can be ordered directly through PQN Audio. 

PQN also offers full OEM support. Dealer & OEM inquiries are welcomed. Visit us at