RVeterans: Tracy Anglemeyer

Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Thetford, 34 years in the industry

Tracy Anglemeyer oversees all sales and marketing functions at Thetford, which focuses on RV, trucking and camping sanitation products. Her duties include marketing, OEM and aftermarket sales, inside sales and customer service. As she carries out these tasks, she consistently demonstrates an exceptional level of leadership and dedication, making her worthy of recognition as an industry veteran.

Tracy has played a key role in opening up new opportunities for growth and achievement through innovative programs and initiatives. These forward-thinking strategies have not only improved Thetford’s industry position but also changed how it operates.

Tracy’s impact extends beyond organizational changes, as she has dedicated herself to mentoring through the RV Women’s Alliance (RVWA). She has been highly influential in fostering talent and potential within the Thetford team and the RV industry.

By leading teams and guiding projects effectively, she consistently achieves outstanding results. No matter what obstacles come her way, she’s always committed to helping the organization meet its goals.

Her wealth of experience manifests itself daily in many impressive ways. One is evident in how she effectively manages diversity within her team. Tracy draws from years of experience in navigating diverse work cultures to create a more inclusive and productive environment, helping team members embrace innovative and time-tested practices for the best possible outcomes.

Tracy is a true industry trailblazer, defining excellence and driving growth and innovation. Her rich experience has played a pivotal role in her ability to reshape practices and redefine norms, for the betterment of the entire industry.

Over the years, she says she has watched the RV industry grow dramatically and change diversely. She adds that she cherishes having been a part of many of those changes.

“Those of us who have been around for a few decades have witnessed the growth and consolidation that has occurred in all segments, from manufacturing, to dealerships, campgrounds, banking, suppliers, etc.,” she says. “We have been a part of the Louisville shows and bringing that to Elkhart, the launch of Go RVing and wearing our green ribbons, RVAA joining in with RVIA, the launch of RVWA, joining in on committee week in D.C., adding new committees such as emerging leaders and community events, and more. We have weathered international conflicts, been aided and hurt by atmospheric conditions, stormed through economic downturns, and still came out the other side stronger in our unity. It is my belief that we have been able to do this because of the people and leadership in this great and unique industry.”

Tracy appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional leaders on a wide range of initiatives each day. “It is the people that I remember most,” she says. “The industry wouldn’t be where it is today without these great people.”

As Tracy looks to the future, she does so while looking at the past. She explains, “The RV industry continually looks toward the future while learning from past experiences.”

She explains it is a dynamic and ever-evolving industry, “driven by the changing needs and adaptations of our customers. Our goal is to provide campers with the best possible experience, which spans across various aspects such as the campsite, the RV itself, the buying experience, the latest features, and ensuring more land is designated for camping.”

She adds that the RV industry’s ability to “withstand numerous external factors hinges on our unity, a collective strength we have demonstrated time and again. Presently and moving forward, I foresee greater unity and collaboration around emerging opportunities, with increased conversations and proactive measures focused on the industry’s collective future.”

Tracy says she envisions the RV industry exploring and diversifying into other industries, which will, in turn, fortify it. “The future holds great promise,” she says. “Though we will encounter bumps in the road, our resilience ensures that we will persevere and emerge stronger.”

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