Innovator RV’s New Factory Only to Use Polymer

$2.5 million plans are in the works to build a new factory in Bristol, Ind., that will produce the “next generation” of RVs.

This story originally appeared on WNDU.

InnoVator RV will do so without using any wood, metal, or aluminum on the vehicle structure itself.

It’s so strong that Parma Shield accounts for every fiber of the InnoVator unibody chassis. 

Weighing at some 3,700 pounds, the polymer RV is said to be about 1,000 pounds lighter than traditional vehicles of similar size, so the InnoVator slide out is bigger (88 inches long and 48 inches wide) and the ceilings are higher.

The InnoVator has been 17 years in the making – only now is it finally ready to move out of the prototype stage and into production. Unlike the aluminum, steel, and wood typically used in RV construction, Parma Shield is a material that doesn’t appear to wear out. The manufacturer steeped the material in water for six months, said co-owner Phillip Biscan, without any issues arising.

Biscan says work on the new plant is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2018. The 25-foot InnoVator will sell for about $35,000.

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