Wagon Trail RV Ready to Open New Vegas Location

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Wagon Trail RV

LAS VEGAS – It’s been more than two-and-a-half years in the making, but owner Phil Rizzio’s vision for a new location for his Wagon Trail RV dealership in Las Vegas is finally a reality.

The dealership was making final preparations Thursday (Nov. 10) for a grand opening celebration at the new, more visible location about a block from the old location.

As much as anything, the typical bureaucratic hoops of getting a new building put up is what took so long. Wagon Trail, for example, is in the flight path for Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport, so there was concern over the height of the building – even though the five service bays are considerably shorter than the cell phone tower in the parking lot that was grandfathered in.

But now that the headaches are over and the doors are ready to open, Rizzio said he is confident he can build upon the success his dealership has built selling Class B motorhomes.

Don Klassen, territory sales manager for Triple E, a Canadian manufacturer of Class B’s, was on hand for the celebration and said Wagon Trail has a long history of successfully marketing the vehicles.

“It’s really the guy,” he said. “Their marketing and customer service is absolutely second to none.”

In addition to the new sales offices and service bays, the dealership has a barbecue area to the side and has plans to turn a corner of the lot – which has large palm trees on either side acting as columns – into a special red-carpet area for customers to receive their newly purchased vehicles upon delivery.

Rizzio said Wagon Trail has three dealerships with plans for a fourth in a Western location yet to be finalized.

Travis O. Pryor

Travis Pryor is the former managing editor of RV PRO.

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