CellTuck Makes Popup Footer More Customizable

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The company has added functionality to the footer, allowing website owners to customize the banner shown to customers with graphics, content and links.

When a customer visits a dealership site, the Popup Footer populates with select inventory from a dealer. The dealer can choose which units to feature in the footer, or the widget can automatically populate randomly from available inventory.

“This was a non-intrusive way for dealers to put their inventory in front of their visitors while the website visitor has the option to close the footer out by clicking the X,” CellTuck’s Angela Celluci said in a news release. “The footer would always refresh with each new homepage viewing. It’s important to have as many tools as possible to engage website visitors.”

The footers can be layered so if the visitor clicks out of the inventory footer, the customizable one would be stacked right behind it.  Dealers can use these footers on as many pages as they like so it offers endless possibilities.  They can add a footer to their parts page with a winterizing special.

“We even took our footers to the next never and created hundreds of ready to use graphics that the dealer can use when setting up their customizable footer.  This new library was launched with all RV manufacturer logos, sale and discount stickers and smiley faces.  All artwork is licensed and ready to use,” Cellucci said.

To view a video and learn more about the new customizable footer, click here:


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