RVeterans: Richard Mess

Sales Consultant, Wilkins RV, 28 years in the industry

Richard Mess has spent his entire career at Wilkins RV, starting with the company when it comprised a single, small dealership in Hornell, New York. Today, the company has seven locations.

He is a skilled sales consultant who consistently follows proven sales processes to ensure an excellent customer buying experience, including prompt paperwork completion, making him an industry veteran worth honoring.

The company would like to see all sales professionals sell at least seven units per month, and actively seek, identify and obtain new prospects. Richard accomplishes these things by setting and monitoring progress toward agreed-upon sales goals. He also manages/prioritizes work to achieve progress toward yearly, monthly, weekly and daily sales goals against key performance indicators.

Richard successfully maintains and enhances ongoing customer relationships through timely follow-up communications with in-process, current and past customers. These connections help drive repeat business.

He is described as a team player who actively works to support other employees, departments and/or locations to give customers a seamless experience. He guides, inspires and acknowledges other salespeople and departments in meeting the needs of all stakeholders, his peers say.

Richard continually seeks to improve his skills through ongoing education, which keeps his sales skills, strategies and techniques sharp. Ongoing education and industry relationships, he says, help him always maintain a high level of product, market and industry knowledge.

Exceptional dedication and commitment to his role has enabled Richard to consistently exceed expectations and take on additional responsibilities. His peers attribute the team’s and organization’s success to his innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities. They say his strong work ethic and positive attitude have inspired them and have made him a valuable asset to Wilkins RV.

Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role, which enables him to navigate complex situations with ease and efficiency. He says he has had his fair share of challenges in his career but has always found ways to conquer them. He draws on his experience to make informed decisions quickly and confidently, often anticipating potential issues before they arise.

Richard has built extensive relationships over the years, and he leverages his connections to access resources, gather information and collaborate with key stakeholders, ultimately driving positive outcomes for Wilkins RV.

His peers say he actively shares his knowledge and expertise, offering guidance and encouragement to help team members grow. He mentors others through one-on-one meetings, giving feedback and career advice, and helping them set goals.

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