Honoring Industry Veterans

Learning from seasoned pros gives the RV industry a solid foundation.

Change is good but requires seasoned professionals to lead the way. Nowhere is this more true than in the RV industry, where advances in technology coupled with economic headwinds require a balanced approach that only industry veterans are poised to lead.

With decades of experience, this year’s honored industry professionals are well-prepared to navigate challenges and opportunities to shape a promising future for the RV industry.

Now, please meet RV PRO’s 2024 RVeterans.

Tracy Anglemeyer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Thetford, 34 years in the industry

Eric Sharp, General Manager, East to West — Forest River, 40 years in the industry

Jason Fitzgerald, Co-Owner, Arrowhead Camper Sales, 52 years in the industry

Kevin Lipinski, Sales Representative, Land ‘N’ Sea Distributing Inc., 39 years in the industry

Randy Baskerville, Sales Representative – Wildwood division, Forest River, 40+ years in the industry

Curt Richardson, Director of Inspection Services, RV Industry Association, 35 years in the industry

Gerald Vince, President/Founder, The RV Shop Inc., 52 years in the industry

Cheryl Barnes, Warranty Claims Processor, Jayco, 47 years in the industry

Richard Mess, Sales Consultant, Wilkins RV, 28 years in the industry

Katie Lentine, VP Sales Administration, United States Warranty Corporation, 29 years in the industry

Mike O’Neil, Technical Trainer, Spartan RV Chassis, 33 years in the industry

Royden Naugler, Shop Foreman, Bluenose RV Centre, 35 years in the industry

Randy Murray, Director of Orientation, Pete’s RV Center, 25 years in the industry

Angie Campbell, Warranty Manager, Lerch RV, 27 years in the industry

Colby Cannon, Managing Partner, Vogt RV World, 26 years in the industry

Additionally, the following longtime Blue Ox employees have worked for the company for 30 years or more:

Kevin Griffin — Welding Technician — 33 years

Tony Henschke — Maintenance Technician — 37 years

Rhonda Hermelbracht —Manufacturing Planner — 30 years

Cory Meyer — Shipping and Receiving — 31 years

Doug Prokop — Ag Account Development — 39 years

Billie Rager — Machine Programmer — 37 years

Les Roeber — Machine Shop Manager — 38 years

Jordan Benschop

Jordan Benschop is the managing editor of RV PRO magazine.

Javacia Harris Bowser

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Michele Moore

Michele Moore is the managing editor of RV PRO magazine.

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